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2 Dec, 2022 | VOIP Telephone, phone systems, phone providers, phone services, phone lines, sip trunks

Switch Phone Providers, Keep Your In-House Phone System—RingPlan SIP Trunks

So you've spent a lot of time and energy building your own phone system, but what do you do when your in-house staff recommends switching providers?

RingPlan_Savings2-02Businesses that choose to own their phone system have already invested much time and energy into building their on-premises infrastructure, they are hesitant to change providers, despite what IT recommends.

These businesses can take advantage of RingPlan SIP Trunks instead.

How RingPlan SIP Trunks Work 

replacing a phone provider using SIP Trunks - RingPlan

A SIP Trunk or Session Initiated Protocol Trunk is a virtual phone line that connects an existing business phone system over virtual channels, allowing phones to initiate and receive calls over these virtual phone lines. 

Popular signaling protocols include UDP (User Data Protocol), TCP (transmission control protocol), TLP (transport layer security), SMTP( simple mail transfer protocol), and HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol).

When switching providers, one often has to go through the painstaking process of recreating their dial plans, including contact lists, extensions, interactive voice recordings, and more. This can be a lot of work for a live, working business.

Companies who own their on-premises phone system may just choose to switch out the session protocol that allows calls to go through, using a RingPlan SIP Trunk in its place.

SIP Trunks are a convenient way for businesses to make the switch to RingPlan without losing all their progress. It's a fast and easy way to get existing phones up and running.

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Keep your phone numbers when switching by porting your numbers to RingPlan.

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Phone Plans vs SIP Trunks

A service provider like RingPlan will typically offer businesses an enterprise phone plan which includes a virtual PBX phone system. 

auto-sales-ringplan-video-meetings_cinematic3-smBut when you’ve already spent the time to build a PBX, and it works well, why change it? It’s like investing time and money into building a muscle car, just to have to buy a new one when changing roads.

We understand the frustration and can deploy SIP Trunks to make it all make sense. RingPlan SIP Trunks give businesses the opportunity to change the highway they are driving on without switching their vehicle.

Your vehicle could perform better on a better highway. 

That’s how SIP Trunks work. RingPlan provides businesses with a smooth, clean highway on which a customer can drive and manage calls.  

Benefits of SIP Trunks

Some of the Benefits of SIP Trunking Include:

  • Hosted Phone Solution is not required, you provide your own. 
  • Cost Savings - not paying for a new hosted PBX saves money in the long run.
  • Scalability - it’s easy to scale your channels up and down, instantly.
  • More Control - SIP trunks allow users more control over their phone system, including customization.
  • Security and Peace of Mind - maintaining control over one’s own phone system puts internal IT staff in control, ensuring sensitive communications are hosted internally. 

  • No Learning Curve - SIP Trunking makes it easier for users accustomed to using your internal PBX system. They don’t have to learn how to use a new system.

Additional Benefits to Consider with RingPlan SIP Trunks Include:

  • 17 years of experience working with SIP Trunks
  • Text Enabled SIP Trunks for text messaging
  • Volume Discounts
  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Contracts 

Rather than outsourcing your phone system, IT professionals often prefer maintaining control in-house. RingPlan SIP Trunks allow internal IT teams to shine. 

Things to Consider When Shopping for SIP Trunk Services

  • Hardware - Some hardware is required to run an in-house PBX that can connect with a SIP Trunk provider. 
  • Static IP - Users will need a Static IP for SIP Trunking to work as expected.
  • High-Quality Internet - Users will need to have a high-quality, low-latency internet connection. 
  • Accessibility - Your phone service may not be accessible from anywhere.

While these restrictions may challenge the average user, they may not be very complicated for your in-house support team. You may already have everything you need. 

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But I Have an Older Legacy Phone System and Can't Use SIP Trunks

So your phone system is a bit older and you can't take advantage of SIP trunks?  No problem.  We can also deliver legacy services such as PRI and Analog service with a simple converter. 

In the case of a legacy phone system, we will deliver a SIP trunk and convert it to a legacy connection that any phone system can use.  Still get all the next-generation features such as text and fax enabling your numbers, even on a legacy phone system. 

Take advantage RingPlan’s advanced technology.  Ask us how!


Changing phone providers doesn’t mean your business needs to change in-house PBX phone systems. Businesses that have an in-house server hosting their PBX are often concerned when changing service providers. They are looking for providers who can work with their existing virtual phone systems. Maintaining an in-house system has many benefits, and RingPlan SIP Trunks are designed to work with customers' in-house PBX systems. Some of the benefits of SIP Trunking include the following: No hosted PBX is required, cost savings, scalability, more control, peace of mind to users accustomed to working with your existing PBX, and elimination of the learning curve associated with a new system. RingPlan by ZTelco has over 17 years of experience in SIP Trunking and provides some additional benefits including Text-enabled SIP trunks, volume discounts, quick turnaround, and finally, RingPlan does not require long-term contracts for your service. Even legacy phone systems can take advantage. Sound too good to be true? Try giving us a call to see what we can do for you.

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